Locu&Ruth ›Still Standing‹
Locu&Ruth ›Still Standing‹
Locu&Ruth ›Still Standing‹
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© Locu+Ruth

Film ON DEMAND 23/05 til THU 05/26

Duration: 45 minutes
Language: German


For three years, Locu&Ruth have just been standing around. For long periods of time. At different places. Motionless and attentive. Occupying a piece of earth with both feet and letting things happen. There is no real standstill—something always moves somewhere. Even when we remain motionless on one spot with our bodies, when protesting, waiting or commemorating, there is always something in motion in or around our bodies. Locu&Ruth have been documenting their locations and what happens there by chance with a film camera since 2018. There are places being transformed, like the Hambacher Forst, industrially used sites, such as dumps and mines, and places of negotiation, like the World Climate Conference. ›Still Standing‹ was presented as a stage performance, film screening and video installation at several theaters, festivals and exhibitions. For OUTNOW!, Locu&Ruth test what it means in virtual space to stand with both feet on the ground and compile an exclusive installment of ›Still Standing‹ from their film archive. For a stocktaking between daily life and major events, absurdity and seriousness, screen background and pavement, narration and repetition. 

The passion for excessively standing around brought Locu&Ruth together and has been at the center of their joint work since three years. Marlene Ruther studied scenic research and is interested in the intersection of science and art. She researches, rehearses and stages predominantly outdoors. As a performer with an affinity to dance, she works for and with other artists. Locuratolo studied site-specific art, which she practices in public space. Her works are conceptual, serial and documentary. She is interested in performative and sculptural interventions in pseudo-public spaces.


BY AND WITH Marlene Ruther & Locuratolo

›Still Standing‹ was produced by the West-off 2019 Theaternetzwerk Rheinland and shown at Theater im Ballsaal Bonn, Studiobühne Köln and FFT Düsseldorf as a live performance, as well as in the form of a video installation in the exhibition ›Ich war hier‹ at Kunsthaus Essen. Locu&Ruth pursue the ambitious goal of making ›Still Standing‹ a project of a lifetime.