&sistig ›HOW TO EXCUSE – Taster Training‹

&sistig ›How to Excuse‹
&sistig ›How to Excuse‹
&sistig ›How to Excuse‹
&sistig ›How to Excuse‹
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© Jonas Fischer

MON 05/24 4.00 P.M. ZOOM

Duration: ca. 60 minutes
Language: German


Limited capacities.
Registration via Email at dramaturgie@theaterbremen.de until MON 05/24 12.00 A.M.

Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn said: “We will have to excuse each other for many things.” After saying this, quite a few people have become guilty, inequality has increased in numerous areas and many historical injustices have not been compensated for either. But how does that work—excusing oneself in a really good way? What excuses will soon become absolutely necessary, which ones will still be totally inappropriate the day after tomorrow, when should wounds never heal? And above all: How far back in history would one actually have to retroactively excuse oneself?

In their ›How to Excuse Taster Training‹ on the conference platform Zoom, six young protagonists of the play ›How to Excuse‹ grant insights into their sorry skills and abilities to excuse. They invite the participants to a playful transfer of knowledge on the (im)possibility of a gesture and the attempt to leave nothing untried.

&sistig ›HOW TO EXCUSE‹
SUN 05/23 6.30 P.M. VIDEO STREAM
ON DEMAND til THU 05/27
THEATER (From the age of 10 )