OUTNOW! Tracks & Traces

a cooperation with the University of the Arts Bremen At a workshop run by Roland Kerstein students document and follow … More

Into the Noise

by Lisa Lagenstein Lisa Lagenstein is working on an analogue photo documentation showing the OUTNOW! Festival in all its inspiring … More


by Lea Brock Soundnow! is a pop up online radio station for OUTNOW! festival, that doesn’t focus on the artists … More

Instagram Story

by Jonas Rebman In his continuing Instagram Story, Jonas Rebman captures the whole festival in real time. Super hip, super … More

From RGB to HSB

by Vivian Hernández Ramírez In her project Vivian Hernández Ramírez points out visual information that the human eye is not … More


by Christine Brovkina Inspired by the „Conditional Design“-manifesto, this project algorithmically transforms photographic impressions of the festival into colour units … More